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Customized for every type of pet

Get your fur baby CBD

CBDMSA’s hemp-based products are made from pure, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. We have a variety of options from safe oils for cats and dogs to crunchy treats for your furry friends.

CBD-Infused Treats

Safe & Easy-to-Dose

Variety of Benefits

Our treats come in different strengths and flavors which makes it easy to find one that is just right for your furry companion. It’s also easy to measure them out into daily doses, which are safe even for pets with delicate tummies!

CBDMSA - Alaskan Salmon Oil with CBD

A healthy balance of two powerful ingredients

Guaranteed freshness and potency

We at CBDMSA understand the importance of freshness and potency when it comes to supplements for our pets.
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The tastiest way to give CBD to your pet

You can't go wrong with a savory bacon flavor, can you? So we made sure to infuse coconut oil with the taste of crispy bacon.

Bacon-flavored CBD oil for pets

The delicious flavor and coconut oil base helps your pet feel better by providing health benefits like skin and oral health.
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