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Seniors Hiking – Mesa AZ Hiking Walking Trails

seniors hiking trail

Early mornings are the perfect time to spot a group of seniors hiking on the walking trails. Hiking is more like an adventure than an exercise. Because of this, hiking is one of the top favorite activities for seniors living in Mesa, AZ.

Seniors Hiking Trail – Local Picks

Challenging Morning Walking Trail

The Wind Cave Trail in Usery Mountain is a fantastic path for active seniors. However, it is quite rocky so it important to wear good shoes. Pro tip: Go in the mornings. Firstly, the walking path leads to spectacular views with shaded areas until around mid-day. Secondly, the wild life lovers will enjoy the morning chipmunk sightings. There is a parking area where you can pay a fee to park. The hiking trail itself is described as moderately challenging with patches of loose gravel.

Walking Trail With Superstitions View

It is not unusual to see other seniors hiking the Medicine When Trail in Apache Junction, just a short drive from Mesa AZ. As you leave the parking lot, take the path to the right which loops around the mountain and offers incredible views of the mountains. You can go as far as you want and easily return to the parking area when you are done. Or if you one of the many active seniors in Mesa, you can complete the entire 7.5 mile loop via Pass Mountain Trail.

CBD for Active Seniors

CBD is not just for people who are sick, in pain, or injured. Quite the opposite, active seniors can also benefit from CBD. Cool down overworked muscles with our 300mg CBD Cooling Cream. Apply a pea-sized dollop to calf muscles immediately after a hike. Those who experience frequent leg cramps may want to try a 600mg for deeper, longer-lasting coverage. For best results, massage in circular motions for one minute.

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