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At the Herbal Risings CBD Dispensary Mesa location, we care about our customers and we deeply value your feedback and reviews.

We want you to have the best possible experience when it comes to buying CBD, from our in-store “service with a smile” to the moment you experience our CBD.

With Herbal Risings CBD Dispensary, there are two great ways to save — you can shop the website cbdmsa.com online, or visit our store at Mesa Drive and Southern Avenue! CBD inventory for the Mesa Herbal Risings CBD Dispensary is always changing, so it’s best to check often because our specialty gift boxes and seasonal items sell out quickly.

We have 3 locations in Arizona. Thank you to all of our loyal shoppers for helping us grow. Your feedback makes us better and stronger. Check out what some of our customers had to say, and see how you can share your experience with us below!


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To leave us a review, visit our Google business page, where we currently average a 4.8 rating.


What Our Customer’s Are Saying About Our Location


“First timer in a CBD store. Couldn’t have been better. Russ was kind and helpful. Took the time to educate my wife and I on the entire process. Will definitely be back!” Justin


“My husband and I visited Herbal Risings today. Our first time in a CBD dispensary we had a lot of questions. Miguel was very knowledgeable and helpful! He let us sample the salve for our pain and before we left we were both feeling less pain! We bought both salve and the oil, we felt the prices were reasonable and worth it to not have to put toxic medications into our bodies. I would highly recommend them!” Kathy


“Very helpful. I am new to CBD oil and he explained and answered all my questions so I could make the right purchase” Scott


“My dad came here to look for something that can help him sleep better and he ended up buying some good quality gummies that worked! The lady in the front was really nice and explained everything really well , she really knows the product !!! I look forward to coming in to buy something myself.” OpZen


“Excellent selection and service.” William


“She took the time to explain the difference in CBD oils and ml for sale. The oils work great for my back pain. No more pain killers for me. Helps me sleep and doesn’t taste bad either. Havent tried the sauce or edibles yet. Highly recommend CBD oils. It’s a miracle oil.” GreatWhitey


“Highly recommend. 💙” Bethany


“Really nice people!” Raul


“Omg I was not a beliver at all I suffered from back pain for years and even thoe pills worked great they felt good In many levels the more u took the more u wanted the pain never left it was just num so one day I stopped taking pills for 4 days withdrawal and all I was in a lot of pain went into the dispensery stop and asking questions and I got a dropper and I ain’t lying after 4 droppers that day the pain went away I continue to use it day 3 and I am so happy no pain litterly no pain I do feel my back muscles slightly tight but I believe it’s due to my limited movement while on pills now I excersice and feeling great I tell my friend and family now because they new how much pain I us to be it thank to my daughter who told me to try CBD and the gentleman who helped me that day he was awesome I will be back tbh it’s cheaper than the pain Dr I would like to know if u had available the CBD oil with ginseng and tumeric please let me know.” Norma


“Staff..very helpful…great products…i would definetly recommend them..i have tried a few others and they were not to great…this place was fantastic….i will be coming back again.😊” Karen


“I swear by the CBD salve for my hands.” Pamela


“Friendly staff and great products! Very nice and clean store. Staff answered all my questions and helped me find what works for me and my pain. Thank you!” Kitty


“Great stuff .. great help .. convenient .. thanks” Candy


“Awesome Place nice staff and very helpful” Johnny


“Best CBD shop in the East Valley, friendly staff walked me through different products and had suggestions for me based on the type of pain I am dealing with. No medical card needed!” David


What People Are Saying About Our Products


“This is by far the best full-spectrum CBD oil I’ve tried! I can not stomach all the flavor additives some brands use. The taste is almost non-existent!” Pammie  Living Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1200mg (Unflavored)


“The spray works incredibly fast!” Christina  JaneVape 300mg Topical Spray


“Maybe a little short, but the course does a very good job of precisely getting to what’s essential to understand the fundamentals of CBD.” Jimmy  Herbal Risings CBD Training Course


“Smooth, incredible taste with relaxing effects.” Belina  JaneVape 400mg Vape Cartridge (grandaddy purple)


“The spray was super easy to apply to my shoulders. I was surprised at how fast it got it to work!” Rita  JaneVape 300mg Topical Spray

“I’ve tried a lot of different brands, but this is the best tasting cbd oil ever!” Alba  Living Naturals 250mg Blueberry CBD Oil Tincture 


“I’ve ordered this product five times and it’s consistency has always been on point every time. Completely clear oil with a hint of a blueberry taste.” Burt. Living Naturals 250mg Blueberry CBD Oil Tincture


“I love this cbd oil. My cocker spaniel is 13 years old and she has an anxiety problem. She is always over excited at new people and whines like crazy. I feel so embarrassed in front of company when she starts barking. But after giving her the large dog California Beach Dog for like 3 days she has been calmer she ever was.” Reagan  California Beach Dog 750mg Pet Oil Tincture


“This is a good introductory course for those who want to gain a basic understanding of therapeutic CBD. The curriculum delivers the material in six simple units. The course could go delve deeper into the subject and provide more practical applications to illustrate the products, but all in all as a beginner course it was fantastic. 5/5”  Martin  Herbal Risings CBD Training Course


“Highly recommend this to anyone with neuropathy.” Lindsay  Living Naturals 500mg Peach CBD Oil Tincture


“I got the chocolate rose cbd salve for my mom and she loved it! The price was a little steep, but as soon as she opened the lid her eyes lit up and her smile was worth every penny! She couldn’t get enough of the flowery scent. I’m sure other mommas out there will love it, too!” Julie  JaneVape 800mg Full Spectrum Chocolate Rose Salve


“Herbal Risings is my go to supplier for cbd oils. I am confident in the quality and prefer their flavored oils to other oils on the market. If you’ve never tried lemon cbd oil, this is the one you want to try. You ever taste a warm yellow Starburst? This is nearly the same.” Margo. Living Naturals 1200mg CBD Lemon Oil Tincture


“Not bad! I’m not an apple fan, but it tasted decent and I felt great!” Brian. Living Naturals 100mg Apple CBD Oil Tincture 


“I checked with the manufacturer of this product and was happy to hear they do not use the vitamin E acetate ingredient that everybody scared about. The taste is delishous and I’ve been able to cut my cigarette usage in half. Highly recommend the apple pie! I love my buzzlit!” Tamika  Buzzlit 125mg CBD Vape Cartridge 


“This product seems to be wonderful so far! I was so excited to get this for my muscle soreness. A very little bit goes a long way! I am happy that I’ll be able to keep this item in my purse at work if I need to use it! It has a very light citrusy scent which I like because I’m not a huge fan of highly fragranced products.”  Alexie  JaneVape 200mg CBD Chocolate Sunrise Salve


“I used this for my tattoo. The smell is fresh and clean, and my skin didn’t even scab plus it helped with the sting. Really happy with the product!”  Shae JaneVape 100mg CBD Purple Chocolate Salve


“I decide to give the bacon cbd oil to my labrodoodle. Right away, she love the taste and ask for more!” Marcus  California Beach Dog 500mg CBD Pet Tincture 


“I am a professional masseuse and was looking for a full spectrum salve for my massage services. I am so in love with the smell of roses. It has a wonderful slip for continuous massage and a great scent my clients ask for.”  Ella JaneVape 800mg Chocolate Rose Topical Cream


Our Top-Rated Products


What Facebook Is Saying About Us



“staff is SO helpful and knowledgeable!! I can’t say enough good things about this place and their products!!!” Natasha


“very knowledgeable place and great customer service” Hayden


“The owners are knowledgeable and just down to earth. Great shop, they have a lot of products. Got some gummies and from here and fell I. Love with them. They help with sleep and just make me feel all around good!” Zin


“very friendly great customer service skills reasonable prices” Jen


“Love this place! So many great products and such helpful and caring staff!” Christy


“I bought CBD for my parents who suffer with Arthritis. They are traditional and skeptical at first but after trying it out they now don’t go a day without applying Salve to the areas that hurt them.”  Jazmin