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Giving Your Dog CBD Treats

giving your dog cbd treats

Dog owners love giving their dog treats. Naturally, dogs appreciate getting treats. However, too many treats can cause your dog’s tummy to be upset and gain lead to unwanted weight gain. Plus, some dogs can be very convincing by demanding treats when it is not time. This does not mean you should refrain from giving your dog CBD treats. It just means you need to practice mindfulness as a pet owner.

Recommendations for Giving Your Dog CBD Treats

CBD Treat Moderation

It is important that you do not exceed give too many treats all at once. Typically anything outside of your dog’s normal meals should not exceed 10% of their caloric intake. When speaking CBD for dogs, it’s important to follow the recommendations on the package. In the case of the California Beach Dog CBD treats, the treats work best when you do not exceed more than the recommended use of 1-2 daily. Not only will this keep your dog’s calorie intake at bay; it will also save you from wasting precious CBD.

dog is waiting for treats

Will Work for CBD Treats

Making your dog work for the treat can prevent unwanted begging and desperation. Don’t spoil your dog by giving him treats when he asks. Ask your dog to sit and then reward the behavior with a scrumptious treat. If your dog does not know these behaviors, it is important that you reward the behavior immediately after he does it. If your dog is older, you may elect to skip this step and reward him for simply existing, and we’re okay with that.

Create Challenges

Energetic dogs can benefit from challenging activities that reward him for performing the behavior. Teach him more advanced cues such as leg weaves, circle-spins, roll-overs, etc. This will keep your dog’s mind sharp and eager to earn his treat.

Treating Your Dog With CBD

There may be times you want to treat your dog with more than just his normal treat. We all have bad days, including dogs! If your dog is having a bad pain day, or is extra restless, you can add a dropper of pet oil to his treat to amplify the benefits.

California Beach Dog is our exclusive brand of pet CBD products, made for pets by pet lovers. This brand focuses on creating products that serve multiple purposes, nourishing the bodies, skin, and coat. California Beach dog– help your pet live their best life!

Set your pup up for success with mini goals. Whether it be completing a job across the beach, or a walk to the mailbox, both of these tasks can be rewarding, especially when combined with a delicious, cannabinoid-abundant treat.

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