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1000mg CBD Tincture With Melatonin + Mango Extract


Additional information

  • Elevate relaxation with 60ml Living Naturals CBD Isolate Tincture.
  • Infused with Melatonin, Mango Extract, and Rice Bran Oil.
  • Promotes serenity and restful sleep naturally.
  • Mango extract offers vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Suspended in nourishing rice bran oil.
  • Prioritize well-being with each drop.
  • Experience tranquility today.


Introducing our 60ml Living Naturals 1000mg CBD Isolate with Melatonin, Mango Extract, and Rice Bran Oil Tincture – a meticulously blended elixir designed to envelop you in tranquility and serenity, while delivering a host of natural benefits.

Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of nature with our premium CBD isolate tincture infused with the essence of mango and enriched with melatonin, all suspended in the soothing presence of rice bran oil. Carefully curated, this formulation is crafted to support relaxation, promote restful sleep, and bring forth a range of wellness advantages. Within each beautifully presented 60ml bottle, you’ll find 1000mg of pure CBD isolate sourced from organically cultivated hemp plants, ensuring a product of exceptional potency that nurtures overall well-being.

Our Living Naturals CBD Isolate with Melatonin, Mango Extract, and Rice Bran Oil Tincture is tailor-made for those seeking a holistic pathway to serenity and rejuvenation through restful sleep. Melatonin, a natural sleep-regulating hormone, is thoughtfully harmonized with the potential stress-reducing properties of CBD isolate, all while complemented by the exotic allure of mango extract and the nourishing benefits of rice bran oil.

Key features and benefits of our tincture:

1. Premium CBD Isolate: Our CBD is sourced from meticulously cultivated hemp plants, grown without the use of harmful chemicals, resulting in an effective and reliable product.

2. Melatonin Synergy: The strategic fusion of CBD isolate and melatonin results in a potent alliance, offering a comprehensive solution for relaxation and improved sleep quality.

3. Pure Consistency: Our tincture features CBD isolate, ensuring it’s entirely devoid of THC, while maximizing the potential benefits of CBD.

4. Mango Infusion and Benefits: Elevating your sensory experience, the essence of mango extract brings not only a delightful flavor but also a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, supporting your overall well-being.

5. Rice Bran Oil Elixir: Enveloping the blend in the nourishing embrace of rice bran oil, known for its mild flavor and potential health benefits, further enhancing your well-being journey.

6. User-Friendly: Our tincture is accompanied by a convenient dropper, making dosing effortless. Just place your desired amount under your tongue, wait briefly, and swallow.

7. Third-Party Validated: Upholding our commitment to transparency and quality, every batch of our CBD Isolate with Melatonin, Mango Extract, and Rice Bran Oil Tincture undergoes rigorous third-party testing, affirming its potency and purity.

8. Natural Delight: Crafted to engage your senses, our tincture features a gentle and pleasing natural flavor, making each serving a moment of serene indulgence.

Embark on a journey of tranquility and prioritize your holistic well-being with our 60ml Living Naturals 1000mg CBD Isolate with Melatonin, Mango Extract, and Rice Bran Oil Tincture. Elevate your evenings, awaken refreshed and ready to embrace the day ahead. Unveil the natural pathway to restful sleep, enhanced vitality, and overall harmony – experience our CBD Isolate with Melatonin, Mango Extract, and Rice Bran Oil Tincture today.


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Common CBD Questions

Can I take CBD if I am pregnant or nursing?

If you are pregnant or nursing, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before using an CBD product.

Will CBD get me high?

No. CBD is non-intoxicating. THC is the compound that causes a high and our products have 0.3% THC or less. 

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound found occurring in hemp plants. CBD is non-intoxicating which means it will not get you high. CBD interacts with a system in your body known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is connected to important systems in the  body and helps keep internal rhythms in optimal balance.