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Our Most Requested Tincture Flavor

most requested tincture

We ran the numbers, and here’s our winner! Our most requested flavor formula is the Living Naturals Watermelon Tincture with a refreshing natural watermelon flavor that floods your mouth with subtle hints of summer’s favorite fruit.

Is This The Right Tincture For You?

Choosing the right tincture for your needs can be tricky. Because everybody is shaped differently and every person’s needs vary, there is no one-size CBD oil solution. Typically, we recommend a lower dose, somewhere between 5mg-10mg a dose, to encourage productivity and self-awareness. For those who need something a little stronger, the Living Naturals Watermelon Tincture Formula is our go-to recommendation. Each 0.5ml dose provides a generous 16.7mg of isolated hemp cannabidiol, meaning this product does not contain THC. This particular tincture is also available in a raspberry tincture; however, the watermelon is by far our most requested tincture formula.

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Ripe sliced watermelon

How Does Living Naturals Source Ingredients?

This tincture is made from organically sourced ingredients and hemp plants grown in Colorado, to processing CBD oil using only rice bran oil, we believe in transparency, efficiency, and economical pricing.

Can I request to try a sample ?

Yes, of course! If you are in the area, you are invited to stop by and try a free sample of our natural watermelon-flavored tincture so you can see for yourself why this tincture was voted favorite flavor. 6049 E University Dr, Mesa.

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Herbal Risings CBD Mesa
Herbal Risings CBD Mesa

Herbal Risings started as an educator and grew to open it's first CBD store in 2015. The University & Recker shop opened in 2021 and currently serves the Phoenix community with in-store and home delivery services.

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