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The Janevape Chocolate Sunrise Scent

how does janevape chocolate sunrise smell

CBD salve is a topical ointment-like formula that can be applied directly to the skin. Try it on areas of inflammation, tension, ashiness, or scar tissue. If you’re in town, stop by our Mesa location and try on a sample. The Janevape Chocolate Sunrise scent can best be described as citrusy with a slight aroma of cocoa. It’s one of our favorites!

This awakening salve blend is available in three strengths: 100mg, 200mg, and 400mg.


Mild strength


Moderate strength


Extra strength

Directions for use:

Apply a pea-sized dollop to the desired area 1-2x a day. If you find yourself needing to apply more often, you may need a stronger formula. The Janevape Chocolate Sunrise scent is more than just an aroma. This salve is infused with the plant terpene, limonene.

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