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CBD For Jiu-Jitsu Recovery

cbd for jiu jitsu

Recovery is an important part of any jiu-jitsu practitioner’s regimen. Training Jiu-Jitsu and other martial arts for a long period can bring many different types of pains. Usually, martial artists treat their chronic pain with aspirin or acetaminophen. Over time, this can damage the liver and kidneys. If you have ever trained in jiu-jitsu, you know an injury is inevitable, whether you win or lose. While you’re working on that black belt, you will need to make sure your body is getting adequate recovery. Your body needs recovery just as it needs sleep, water, and food.

Potential Recovery Benefits for Jiu Jitsu

  • Bounce back from mental drain
  • Body aches from overtraining
  • Promotes healthy sleep
  • Stress support and anxiety relief
  • May help regulate weight

Knowing that CBD is a safe alternative to habit-forming pain killers is important.

Jiu jitsu is a discipline that comes with responsibilities and strict training protocols such as dangerous leglocks. This kind of pressure can lead to stress over time. There are all kinds of ways CBD can help improve your jiu-jitsu game. Whether you are a beginner, or you have been training for a decade, CBD is a healthy choice, to take care of your body in the most natural way possible, from the inside and out.

An Introduction to CBD

Two of the most common ways to take CBD: oral and topical. Within these categories, there are different application methods like tinctures, creams, and more. Let’s break it down further. One way of taking CBD is by my mouth. If you have never used CBD before ingesting it is an easy way to start, Monitoring dosage is easy with metered droppers.

Dosage is important and honing in on what works for you will lead to your success. Many customers start with our blueberry CBD tincture and slowly increase until finding their ideal dosage. Tinctures work fairly quickly and the effects can last for several hours. To properly use CBD, follow the recommended dosage instructions on your label. For our 8.3mg tincture, the dropper should be filled halfway, which is 0.5ml. Squeeze the dropper under your tongue or inside the cheeks and hold for twenty to thirty seconds. Then, you may swallow if you wish.

Another option is a CBD gummy. These small chewable pieces have 10mg per piece and are available in a variety of flavors such as the apple gummy rings.

If you only want to try something for sore muscles or joints, a topical cream might be right for you. A topical is cream works quickly and can be applied directly to target areas. Athletes love topicals for pain and aches.

We have a wide range of topical salves. Each formula is crafted with unique herbal properties designed to deliver an assortment of muscle and joint benefits. Running cardio tonight and want to keep knee pain at bay? Try a 300mg warming/cooling salve.

Isolate Vs. Full Spectrum

If you have spent time looking at our products, you might find that our CBD comes in two types: isolate and full spectrum. Studies show we absorb things better in their natural form. For CBD, that means consuming the plant terpenes and other cannabinoids that exist in the hemp plant. This is where the term full spectrum or whole plant product originates. However, If you’re worried about a THC drug test the CBD only, THC-free Isolate is a safer choice as most of these tests look for THC. Neither of the products will get you high, but we want to present all the choices for you.

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