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Dispensary CAREER WORKSHOP - $299

Embarking in a new industry can be exciting– but a little frightening. The Herbal Risings workshop takes the guesswork out of the journey

Workshop Countdown

Don’t wait!! If you’ve been thinking about working in the cannabis industry, join us for this exciting class! Boost your chances of getting hired in a dispensary!


About the Workshop

  • Budtending, Patient Care, Dispensary Industry Enrichment
  • Plant Classifications – strain science and research
  • Advanced Concentrates Information – Patient & product matching
  • Understanding Physical Ailments & Conditions
  • Dosing of Edibles
  • CBD benefits
  • Medicinal absorption rate discussion
  • Interactive Q & A
  • Prizes awarded for class participation
  • Resume review and analysis, career coaching, and more!
  • Certificate for participation and much more!

9/5 Career Workshop

12:00 pm. to 6:00 pm

Earn a Certificate + FREE Resume Help

Live Workshop: Dispensary Career Workshop 6049 E University Dr, Mesa, AZ. 

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Chad is the director of Herbal Risings Cannabis College, established in 2013. He is a multi-business founder and product formulator. 

He established cultivation rooms in California and Oklahoma; is founding consultant of Herbal Wellness Center; formula creator for dozens of cannabis product SKUs; organizer for Arizona’s first cannabis job fair; former board member of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. 

Today, he has educated thousands of aspiring dispensary agents around the world. He hosts cannabis-themed podcast called, Toking Today Podcast. He lives in Mesa, AZ with with wife of 22 years, two adult children, and their zoo of animals.

Mesa CBD Store


Guided personalized tour through the Principles and Standards with class leader and customer advocate Chad Olshavsky. 

An educator in the industry since 2007, Chad is enthusiastic to share his origin story and hear yours, too! Chad is a former Hollywood screenwriter who turned to the industry for a fresh start during the writer’s strike. Since then, he was partnered with countless dispensaries, cultivators, and processing companies.