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Embrace Serenity with CBD-infused Bliss

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With Alaskan Salmon Oil

200mg Pet Drops

600mg CBD Mega Freeze

Cooling Relief for Inflammation

Peach Extract

250mg CBD Oil

Yummy CBD for Pets

Shop for CBD treats and oils for your dog, cat, or other small pet

500 mg Bacon CBD For Pets California Beach Dog

200mg, 500mg, 750mg

Bacon CBD Oil

Available in three strengths

200 mg Alaskan Salmon CBD Pet Oil

200mg, 500mg, 750mg

Salmon CBD Oil

Available in three strengths

CBD Dog Treats


Spend $20 on pet products

33.3mg per 0.5 dropper

4000mg Tincture

One of our top CBD Oil formulas

Strongest Salve Formula

2500mg Cream

CBD Salve with Vitamin E

Excellent customer service from Hailee! Very knowledgeable and super friendly.Her recommendation for my needs was spot on, thanks Hailee! I will definitely recommend to family and friends!

Roxie F.

She took the time to explain the difference in CBD oils and ml for sale. The oils work great for my back.Helps me sleep and doesn't taste bad either. Havent tried the sauce or edibles yet. Highly recommend CBD oils. It's a miracle oil.

The Great Whitey

My dad came here to look for something that can help him sleep better and he ended up buying some good quality gummies that worked! The lady was really nice and explained everything really well , she really knows the product !!! I look forward to coming in to buy something myself.


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